Hazem Berrabah

Purveyors of fine color for cinema, video and commercials


DigiCOLORS was born from an artistic ambition, a desire to move towards a more modern photography within a tough financial situation for most of productions in the region.

Feature films, documentaries, short-movies or TV commercials ? Our DaVinci Resolve digital unit is able to respond to all these requests in a highly strict technical rigor for an optimalaccuracy and working comfort :

-  Master Monitor OLED TRIMASTER EL™ latest generation with a 12-bit processing for accurate color reproduction signals, calibrated by the most accurate spectrophotometer that exists to this day.
-  Walls and floor covered with neutral gray, with optimal mood lighting, calibrated with a colorimetric sensor.
-  Graphics Tablet  and color correction interface with high precision.
-  All the necessary measurement tools (waveform, vectorscope and histogram...)

We have optimized our unit to adapt the good workflow to the camera you choose (Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Blackmagic or DSLR...) without any quality deterioration from the original rushs.

Our softwares and plugins are constantly updated to remain at the forefront of technological developments. We are also improving our equipment to provide you with the comfortof work (soon projection in real time on a movie screen).